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Aaron Hake

      Aaron Hake is a Houston metropolitan-based energy worker, Reiki practitioner, and Tarot reader.  He has been performing energy work and spiritual guidance in the Houston area professionally for over 6 years.

      Aaron was first drawn to energy work and the healing path early in life, discovering a love for the human condition in his adolescent years and pursuing a path to administer psychological well-being through Baylor University in 2008, building on the spiritual calling he had felt as a child. In 2012 Aaron moved to Houston and began to devote his life to spirituality, and seeking to master the energetic skills necessary to serve his community, began to offer house cleansings, spiritual guidance, and divinatory services for the public after several years of independent study and training.

     Aaron officially decided to dedicate himself to his love and passion and apply this beautiful gift of healing to others.

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