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The Master & Lineage

Our Founder of the Agape Wellness Center and Master of the Reiki Institute is Alexandros (Alex) Armaos and he is a Professional Member of The ICRT Reiki Membership Association and The Reiki Healing Association among others.

Alex was born and raised in Athens, Greece and since he was a teenager he was curious about healing and spirituality and dancing. He has been teaching Ballroom and Latin Dancing since he was 16 years old. At the same time and after a lot of inner work, he started practicing holistic healing and was attuned to Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki - Master Level at the age of 17.

He has organized classes for all Reiki Levels and worked his way to assist people that needed healing. 

After a few years, he moved to Texas for his career as a Ballroom Dancer (fix it if it's not right), he started teaching and dancing at Fred Astaire's Dance Studios in Texas where he was recognised and awarded in many contests. He has been passionat about dancing and helping others for a long time and on the last couple of years he started practicing and combining the things he loves most. 


Alex was borne and raised in Athens/Greece and moved to Houston/Texas in 2009 for his career. Along with his partner he is the Studio Director of Fred Astaire Dance Studios in Humble/Texas. He has been a dancer all his life, specializing in Ballroom and Latin dancing and he has been a teacher since he was 16 years old, through his passion about dance he found a way to help others. 

Alex was first attuned as an Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master in the age of 17 years old were he conducted several classes and treatments since then. His healing path brought him up with in contact with other Reiki Masters attuned to other multiple systems of Reiki Healing.


His love for Reiki is based on the fact that he can help others, not only on one-to-one bases but also in the reiki classes that he is able to reach out more people. He is given an opportunity to share this blessing of healing and promote health and positive lifestyle with others as part of his every day life.


In the Agape Wellness Center and in The Reiki Institute all the practices that he is offering are a product of Love.

He utilizes Reiki in his teaching to create a comfortable enviroment for his students or for healing while expanding his practices such as  Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.

He is a certified Dance Teacher, certified Reiki Master/Teacher and has his own company under Young Living, Young Living is a Therapeutic Essential Oil Industry that has heir own farms and they administer 100% "Seed to Seal" process! 

Alex has a Master Level in various Reiki systems such us:


  • Usui Shiki Ryoho/Holy Fire II Reiki

  • Tibetan Reiki

  • Karuna Reiki

  • Sheichim Reiki

  • Kundalini Reiki


The Reiki Workshops/Classes are organized to provide training to anyone who would like to be attuned to Reiki and use it as a natural method of healing.

The Reiki Institute is not Alex's full time job but he is doing out of joy and he would like to pass down the knowledge and Gift of Reiki healing to whovever is interested and would like to open up his/her heart and help other people in return.

Besides workshops he is also available for healing sessions, either in person or in distant and other various services.

We also welcome other Reiki Practitioners and/or Master that would like to work and operate under the "Reiki Institute" for more information please contact us.


Alex would like to inform you that tuition or any financial difficulties should not be a reason for someone to not pursue a workshop or a healing session, if that is truly what you would like; in that case please contact the Reiki Institute to see what other options are available for you.

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