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Reiki Levels

Holy Fire III - Usui Shyki Ryoho Reiki


In the Traditional Usui Shyki Ryoho Reiki there are three levels of training.:

Disclaimer: The student can choose to train only in Usui Shyki Ryoho Reiki without the Holy Power upgrade if he/she chooses so, yet we highly recommend the student to access this finest energy.


  • The First Degree | Shoden

    Level 1 is a practitioner's initiation into Reiki and is open to anyone. The focus during Level 1 is on opening the energy channels on a physical level, allowing the practitioner to connect to the universal life force energy, which flows from the cosmos through the crown of the head and down to the heart and hands.


  • The Second Degree | Okuden

    Level 2 is often defined by a focus on practicing Reiki on others, as well as an expanded opening of the energy channels. Additionally students receive the "Reiki symbols" and Level 2 attunement/placement. The Reiki symbols allow the practitioner to connect more deeply to the universal energy, as well as draw on the qualities that the symbols represent. This includes the ability to provide distance Reiki, or sending healing energy to individuals wherever they may be. 


    This symbol also may be used to clear energy blockages across time, as well as physical locations. 

    Levels 1 and Level 2 is combined class over the course of one weekend. The Level 2 attunement/Placement is given with a focus on opening up the central channel even more, with an emphasis on the Heart Chakra. Typically Level 2 also includes practice in drawing the symbols, invoking their qualities, as well as distance healing.


  • The Third Degree | Shinpiden (Art/Master)
    Advanced Reiki  Practitioner and/or Reiki Master Teacher
    • This initiation is given to attune persons who have Reiki 2 and wish to be able to teach and initiate others into Reiki. In this process the vibration level of energy is once again raised and the Master symbol is taught. To become Reiki Master one does not have to dedicate oneself to teaching others, the Reiki Master level can be taken for your own pleasure or benefit.

      You can continue in the Shippuden Level to become a Reiki Master Teacher, that enables you to teach and attune other.

    • If you are doing Holy Fire Reiki, then the Holy Fire ignitions and symbol are given to the student, these are three ignitions that relate to the root chakra, crown and heart chakra.

    • The Holy Fire is meant to Heal, Purify, Empower and Guide.


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Kundalini Reiki
What is Kundalini?

Kundlaini means that certain healing channels and chakras have been opened and you have thereby access to Earth's energy. The root chakra, which is the energy cetner located near the cocyx, acts as an entrance for the Kundalini energy. The Kundalini energy is also referred to as the "Kundalini Fire". Hereafter the energy runs all the way up through the body, through the main energy channel, and out of the Crown chakra.


This energy channels goes from the root chakra to the Crown chakra on the the top of the head. An open Kundalini means that over a period of time, a complete cleansing of the chakras, the body parts and the energy channels is obtained.

History of the Kundalini Reiki.

Kundalini Reiki was brough to this earthly plane by Me. Ole Gabrielsen. Mr. Gabrielsen is a Master of Meditaiton and has inspired may people through out the world. His four meditations CD's are immensely popular in his native country of Denmark becoming bestsellars; helping thousands of people to regain their peace and happiness. Kundalini Reiki is a direct result of Mr. Gabrielsen many hours of Holy Communion with Master Kuthumi. Master Kuthumi is the Chocan of the Second Ray and is also known as KootHoomu and K.H. and is connected to the Crown chakra and the Temple of Love, Wisdom and Understanding. This Masters Energies are being directed to heal the physical body and mind and to overcome the tendecy tiwards intellectual arrogance. His expressed goal is Kundalini Activation leading to expanding states of Universal Consiousness, Peace, Light and Love is not a future promise but one of immediate Possibility. Kundalini Reiki is a great blessing and we are very grateful to Mr. Gabrielsen and Master Kuthumi for this wonderful gift.


A person who has or has had problems with wrong kundalini energy, can most often be helped with Kundalini Reiki.

All who are interested in learning Kundalini Reiki must begin with Kundalini Reiki I.


Kundalini Reiki can be taken as remote, long distance courses, as it is programed that way. If this is the case for you please contact us to accomodate you and make nessecary adjustments on the tuition.


Kundalini Reiki also has three levels of attunement:


  • Kundalini Reiki I | Preparation

    The first attunement bestows the ability to perform Reiki energy work on one's self or others, hands-on or at a distance. At the same time the student's energy body is readied for the Kundalini awakening to come in Kundalini Reiki 2.

    At this stage you may use the basic Reiki energy on yourself and others. Kundalini Reiki is the equivalent of traditional Reiki levels 1, 2, and 3 (except that you can not yet attune others) The Crown, Heart and hand chakras are opened and strengthened. 


  • Kundalini Reiki II | Activation 

    The body's main energy channel are strengthened, and the Kundalini is gently awakening and raising  to at least the solar plexus region. A specific daily meditation which temporarily increases the flow of Kundalini energy is imparted, and a complete cleansing of the energy system begins. 

    At this point you should now use the Kundalini Reiki energy on yourself only, although you may still use the basic Reiki energy from Kundalini Reiki 1 on others.


  • Kundalini Reiki III | Augmentation

    The Kundalini channel is widened further and the Kundalini essence reaches up and out of the crow while the channel and the chakras are strenghtned even more. Full raising of the Kundalini core flame can eventually take place.

    You are also attuned to:
        Birth Trauma Reiki, Location Reiki, Past Life Reiki, DNA Reiki, Crystalline Reiki, Diamond Reiki, Balance

    Once you have applied these energies to yourself you are a Kundalini Reiki Master and may use them - and then the Kundalini Reiki energy itself - on others. You are also taught to attune others to all levels of Kundalini Reiki. There should be at least 5 days between the Kundalini Reiki 2 and Kundalini Reiki 3 attunements.


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Holy Fire II - Karuna Reiki®
The Meaning of Karuna

Karuna is a Sanskrit word and is used in Hinduism and Buddhism. It is translanted to mean any action that is taken to diminish the suffering of others and could also be translated as “compassionate action.” When individuals experience enlightenment, they report that all beings are known as one. Therefore, it is natural to extend compassionate action or Karuna to everyone without distinction because we are all one. As we help others and aid them in their healing process, all beings benefit. Because of the oneness of all beings, it is understood that Karuna is not only extended to others out of love, but also because it is an entirely logical thing to do. In the same way that you would want to heal your own wounds, you would also want the wounds of others to heal. It is also stated in the Buddhist literature that Karuna must be accompanied by prajna or wisdom in order to have the right effect.

Karuna is the motivating quality of all enlightened beings who are working to end suffering on Earth. They continually send an unlimited amount of healing energy and guidance to us, but not all are receptive to it. As you develop Karuna in yourself, not only are you helping others, but you also become more receptive to the Karuna that is being sent by all enlightened beings. Thus your healing is quickened as well.

Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® opens you to work more closely with all enlightened beings. This includes those enlightened ones who are physically present as well as those in spirit.

The Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® Class

Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® is described as the Reiki system of Divine Compassion. It is the energy of compassionate action combined with wisdom. Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® assists us in healing the qualities that are out of alignment with divine love. It connects us to the higher vibration within and of the world around us. Through this connection, we begin to see our lives with new eyes. The Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® Master workshop is a three-day intensive. After completing this class, you will be a full Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® Master, able to practice all the techniques and give all the ignitions to Holy Fire Karuna Reiki®.

Prerequisite - You must have been a Usui Reiki Master for at least six months to take Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® Master training.  

Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® is a new form of Reiki developed by the International Center for Reiki Training. It is both powerful and gentle and provides purification, healing, empowerment and guidance. Holy Fire energy is noticeably more refined and comes from a higher level of consciousness. Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® is an expression of the evolving nature of Reiki. Many people who work consistently with Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® find that the energy strengthens their awareness and the connection to Divine guidance.

In this workshop you will learn:

    • Description, use and discussion of the four level one symbols, four level two symbols, and one master symbol

    • Ignitions to the Holy Fire Karuna Reiki master symbols for a total of 9 symbols.

    • Meditations for self-healing and removing blocks to your progress utilizing the Holy Fire Karuna® Reiki symbols

    • Instruction and practice in giving and receiving Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® treatments using all the symbols

    • Instruction and practice in giving ignitions for Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® Master levels

    • Chanting and toning with Holy Fire Karuna Reiki®

There is extensive hands-on practice in class giving treatments and using all the symbols, along with practicing the ignitions, so that the student leaves class confident in their own ability. 

A brief description of the four Karuna I symbols is given here: The first symbol prepares the client for deep healing and is useful with past life issues. It helps release karma and deeply seated issues on the cellular level. The second symbol heals deeply and can be used to break-up the negative patterns we unconsciously use to insulate ourselves from the truth, thus shattering delusion and denial. It heals the shadow self. The third symbol fills the person with love and restores balance. The fourth symbol completes the treatment by bringing the client back into the body and grounding. The Karuna II symbols are of a higher vibration and more powerful. They help connect directly with the Higher Self and work on a deeper level. While they have specific purposes discussed in class, the experience of their energy allows intuitive guidance in their use.

Add the power of vibrational healing to your sessions by learning how to chant and tone with Holy Fire Karuna Reiki®. This is a highlight of the class!

This is an exciting workshop with dedicated Reiki Masters who are ready to advance in all areas of their lives! Come network with other Reiki Masters!

A certificate and a 45 page manual is included with in depth descriptions of each symbol and each ignition process. You will also be offered the opportunity to become a “Registered Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® Master” with The International Center for Reiki Training. You will then be able to use ICRT manuals and your student certificates will come from the ICRT.

Prerequisite:  6 months practice and integration at the Reiki Master level.


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