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Welcome to The Reiki Institute

Welcome to the Reiki Institute proud Professional Member of the ICTR - Reiki Membership Association.


Our Institute is designed to offer alternative methods of healing, complimentary or not, to a current situation. The healing process takes place to a Mental, Emotional and finally manifesting to the physical body.


Our sevices include mainly Reiki Healing methods including Traditional Usui Ryoho Reiki, Usui/HolyFire III Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Sheichim Reiki, Kundalini Reiki. In addition we are offering Kabbalistic Healing and Chakra energizing and cleannsing. 


Due to the fact that everything in the Universe is composed of energy, Reiki (Universal Force) as a natural method of healing in the modern medicine, is able to penetrate the various veils of our construction either that relates to our own bodies, houses, nature, family etc. Reiki it is NOT a religion and you do not have to follow a specific religion in order to practice or receive reiki. 


Reiki was discovered in Japan my Dr. Usui Mikao and is composed of two words "Rei" which mean Universal and "Ki" which means energy which translates as "Universal Force" or "Universal Energy" by denifinition this natural force is for purification, cleansing, empowerment, manifistation and healing. It is the creative force of our Universe disposed in our hands as a healing method, to better ourselvs and the people around us!


Reiki works on the person's emotional state and mental state, it is a fact that the bodily illness is based on something beyond the physical symptoms. It most commonly based on factors such as stress, day-to-day pressure, emotional instability, phycological instability, these are qulities of are lower self trying to cope with life. By identifying the source of the problem Reiki is starting the process of healing that will manifest and heal the physical syptoms in your body.


Reiki is great on metal and emotional relaxation as well as for muscle relaxation by doing so you are accomplishing a harmony in Body, Mind and Spirit.


Below are some benefits of Reiki Sessions as alternative medicine.




















                     Physical:                                     Emotional/Mental


Relaxes tension and your muscles                      Relaxes the body and mind

Ease aches and pain of all types                         Promotes calmenss and wellbeing

Increases energy                                                 Relieves stress/anxiety/insomnia/depression

Relieves fatigues                                                Encourage Emotional release

Strengthens natural self-healing process            Unlock suppresed feelings

Promote sleep                                                     Soothes emotional distress

Clear toxins                                                         Promotes peacful and positive outlook

Balances energies                                               Inner peace, Vitality, Clarity

Reduces blood pressure                                      Spiritual Awareness

Faster recovery from injury/surgery                   Chakra healing

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