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Reiki for Animals

Animals are not the underlings many think them to be. They are majestic beings who naturally live fully immersed in the moment and are able to freely share unconditional love. They are sensitive to each other and are aware of the needs and psychological states of their human companions. Animals can provide comfort and even healing to humans when they are in need. 

Animals have a natural understanding of Reiki and enjoy receiving it. Reiki provides them with the same benefits and healing we experience as humans, making it an effective method of caring for injuries, emotional issues or virtually any problem an animal might experience. Under certain circumstances, they are capable of receiving attunements and giving Reiki to other animals and to humans.

Reiki is a wonderful way for humans to gain a deeper connection with and understanding of animals—whether they be pets, shelter animals, livestock or animals encountered in the wild. Reiki can also provide a way to communicate with animals. In so doing it is possible to feel what they feel and understand how they think and in this way gain benefit from their knowledge and wisdom. Having a close relationship with animals through Reiki can enrich your life and provide you with a state of mind in which you are more able to enjoy life as well as deal with its ups and downs. In Reiki for Animals, you will learn how to give Reiki to animals and in so doing receive the benefits that this wonderful experience provides.

Our Institute provides healing Session for animals


Information provided from ReikiWebStore

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