Reiki Association

I'd like to welcome you to our Reiki Association home page. The ICRT Reiki Membership Association was created based on my twenty plus years of experience as a full time Reiki practitioner and teacher. Its purpose is to maintain a professional image for our members while at the same time preserving the spirit of Reiki and assisting members in creating a thriving Reiki practice. By becoming a member, you'll be associating with an organization that has the reputation of providing accurate, up-to-date information on the history, practice, and scientific study of Reiki. Our published, user-friendly membership list is an effective way to advertise your sessions and classes. And our code of ethics and standards of practice allow those seeking a Reiki practitioner or teacher to know that choosing one of our members will result in a professional experience. An online database to keep track of your classes and students and class certificates that include both the name of your Reiki center (if you have one) and the membership association logo are available to Professional Members. We also have an amazing Reiki insurance policy available with a tremendous list of benefits and at a great price. To create community, we provide a social networking page for members to share experiences and ideas with each other and an online Reiki share group. It is my expectation that all our members will do well and to this end I’ll be sharing my training and experience with you to insure that every aspect of your Reiki practice is as professional and successful as possible.


William Lee Rand