The Nature of Reiki Energy

This is an excerpt from the new book William is writing with Arjava Petter and Walter Lübeck titled, The Spirit of Reiki, which will be available in English in early 2001. I developed an interest in metaphysics in high school and a few years later decided I wanted to make it my life focus. Over the course of the next twenty years I proceeded to take a wide range of metaphysical and inner development classes. I often studied and practiced a particular subject until I could offer professional sessions to others. During this time, I became a hypnotherapist, a past life regression therapist, an astrologer, a rebirther, an NLP Professional, a tarot card reader, and while living in Hawaii, I studied and worked with a Kahuna for over a year. As I learned each new subject, I found that my previous training and experience would add to my understanding of each new skill and this broadened my comprehension. I found that I could often create unique ways to apply the new skills that had not been thought of by those who had training in only one area.

As an example, I combined my understanding and experience with hypnosis, past life regression therapy and NLP to create a powerful technique that allowed me to take clients back to the original cause of any problem or challenging situation they were experiencing in this life and discover what they had done to create the experience. Then, we would focus on learning the lesson, healing the cause and transforming the issue into a positive quality. During this time, I also learned about life force and the important role it plays in maintaining life.

Life force or ki, as it is also called is a subtle energy that surrounds and flows within all living things. It is the presence of ki in living things that keeps them alive and healthy. If the ki is removed or greatly weakened in anything alive, it will soon die. All illness is caused by disturbances in the healthy flow of ki within the subtle energy system of all living things. This metaphysical energy is present everywhere and has a wide spectrum of vibrations and levels of expression depending on the kind of life and/or life processes it is supporting. Ki is a necessary energy for everything that exists, both living and nonliving, in the material world, as well as in all spiritu