Reiki for the Recovering Alcoholic and Addict

This article is dedicated to all those who have looked at their lives and dared to change - to those who have faced their problems and gone on to live full and rewarding lives. To all of my friends and clients in the recovering drug and alcohol community, I thank you for allowing me to bring Reiki into your lives.

From 1991 to 1993, I had the privilege of working at Hope Ranch, a drug and alcohol treatment center in Triangle Lake, Oregon where I was hired to give Reiki to clients and staff. During that time I became a counselor and participated in more than 1,500 Reiki sessions with addicts and alcoholics in different stages of recovery - from early detoxification to years of sobriety.

Prior to working at the treatment center, my understanding of Reiki was that it is used to encourage physical healing and promote relaxation. I had previously worked with clients suffering from a variety of ailments, including ulcers, cancer, arthritis and other physical maladies. Because my experience showed that Reiki had a positive effect on these people, I thought those suffering from drug and alcohol with