Reiki Helps Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel and M.S.

I am writing this to share some stories about how Reiki has affected my life and allowed me to help others.

My original goals have changed over the years, I have been a home economics teacher and a financial planner. My true goal is to be the best healer I am capable of being. My process of personal growth has just begun.

The same "obstacles" that prevented my having an "average" life and a steady income actually led me to most valuable achievement, a Reiki Master degree.

I have multiple sclerosis. While working on building up my strength at the Y, I met my Reiki Master. I had treatments from him and the second time he visited he gave me my first degree. My 40th birthday present was my second degree.

Having Reiki helped ease my frustrations a great deal. My mother had arthritis in her legs, which threaten