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Healing Relationships With Reiki

There's one common theme between people who are searching for Reiki and the problem that they have in life.

Namely, it is their relationships.

Sometimes, this can mean the relationship they have with their family...

Other times, this means their relationships with their significant other or friends.

Whatever the case may be, Reiki can truly help.

I've seen this happen and progress in my own life, where I had several relationships that soured over time...

...but due to Reiki's healing energy, we were able to get back on track and now I am happy to say that many of my friendships recovered.

However, I'd like to add a caveat to this - in some cases, there are some relationships that you don't need to heal...

These are the people who will continue to sap energy from you and poison your energetic and spiritual body with their presence.

If these people exist in your life, you must dissociate yourself with them immediately.

Further contact could be harmful to yourself and others...

I know way too many people who stick with toxic people with the intention of healing them and making amends.

Remember that Reiki only works when the other person gives their permission to accept the healing...

...and even though you don't need to believe in it for it to can only be received by someone who is open to it.

Toxic people will never accept it...and remain who they are.

Now, this isn't to say that you need to cast away everyone who has treated you poorly or unfairly - perhaps they had other intentions and there were simple miscommunications.

That being said, if you spot a pattern of behavior in someone or a group of people despite your best may be time to let them go.

In this way, you can allow your energy to fully recover from the damage and trauma that you incurred, and focus on the relationships that do matter to you and add significance to your life.

This is the first step in healing your relationships with Reiki -

Just like we do in Reiki healing, we want to remove the negativity before we grow the positivity.

Sever the connection with people who poison you...and focus on the relationships that you value more.

In this blog post, I'll show you three different ways that you can heal a relationship using Reiki and start enjoying your time with others more.

1. Recognition

After severing your connection with negative people, recognize the relationships that do matter to you.

These relationships can be great, soured, or almost non-existent.

If it helps you, as it helps me, write these down on a piece of paper or notebook somewhere.

Write out all of these relationships. Most importantly, write out WHY they matter.

Is it your kinship with your parents or siblings?

How about your childhood friends?

Your co-workers?

Your significant other's relatives or friends?

Why are all these people important in your life?

Recognizing the WHY in these relationships will help tease out the way to heal them.

If you need to heal something internally that happened with a relationship...check out my Emotional & Mental Healing Session.

It sends you healing energy when you need it most.

Check it out below to find out more.

For example, if your significant other's mom tends to have an antagonistic relationship with you, but you want to make amends, it's important to recognize the reason why you want to heal that relationship.

Maybe it's because you value family and don't want to see the familial bond get torn.

Perhaps you feel that you want to connect with her on a deeper level.

Whatever the reason may be, write it out! This is extremely personal to you, so each and every case will be different.

Once you finish writing out these relationships and tease out the reason WHY they're important...'s time to lay out our intentions.

Next, we'll learn what these intentions are...and how Reiki can influence change.

2. The Intentions

Once you've identified your 'why'...'s time to consider 'why' even further.

Why are those relationships worth healing for you?

Why do you want to heal them? Note: this is different from why are the relationships important to you. Think very clearly.

Is it to appease someone else who's not in the picture?

Is it to satisfy your own ends?

Whatever it is, you need to be strictly honest with yourself about it.

Lying to oneself is the greatest deception, so you want to ensure that you are being truthful at all times.

Universal Energy becomes weakened when one's resolve becomes compromised.

If you compromise your intention, your healing will never take place.

Probe deeply into your intent...

...and once you determine that intent, hold yourself to it, no matter what.

When you have determined what your intent is, read the following statement and fill in the blank with your resolve.

"I wish to heal this relationship with ____ because __________________________."

This will force you to recognize the reasons you want to heal the relationship and be transparent.

You can use any variation of the above sentence, but in my experience, this is one of the best questions to ask.

Now that we've set your intentions, let's move on to the next step...

3. The Rift

The Rift is in reference to the split between two dimensions.

However, in this particular case, it refers to the split between you and other person(s).

Where is the main rift between you and the other person(s)?

Was it because of an incident...or a growing apart?

Did they or you instigate an accident?

Identifying where you and the relationship diverge is crucial because it tells a lot about your energetic understanding of each other.

That's why so many relationships that fail tend to have these sayings:

"I just feel so distant from you"

"I'm never happy anymore..."

"I don't think I can do this..."

This sayings are not rooted in anything but an energetic difference between the two parties.

What you must do is recognize where you and the other person have a Rift.

This difference will pinpoint where exactly it is that you need to heal.

Now, I know what you're thinking - this is all straightforward what about the actual healing?

We're about to get into that right now...

Relationship Healing Technique

This is one of my most popular techniques that students use.

Using this technique, combined with the three steps above, can lead to a powerful transformation in a relationship.

First, print out a photo (or take one out if you already have one) of the person with whom you are trying to fix the relationship with.

Next, invoke Universal Energy through your palms by calming breathing in and out.

With each exhale, imagine the energy of the air coursing through your veins to your hands.

They may appear as bathed in yellow, green, blue, or red light.

As you invoke this energy, recognize the relationship and its importance to you. Say this aloud.

Repeat that 3-6 times to set the energy.

Next, repeat your intentions 3-6 times to charge the energy. Say this aloud.

Now, as you prepare to send this energy across the realms to heal the relationship, slowly breathe in...and exhale out completely.

Push your hands towards the photo.

As you complete this process, be thankful for the other person and Universal Energy.

Remember that this only one technique out of many for healing relationships...

If you want to heal them, it is imperative to clear yourself of negative energy as well. These can exist as mental and emotional blockages.

Want a way to get rid of them?

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