How Reiki Can Help Caregivers

Reiki is often used as a method for calming and encouraging healing in patients with various illnesses, yet it also has the potential to benefit their caregivers. Family caregivers give a lot of themselves when taking care of their loved ones. In addition to working to meet their loved one’s physical and e

motional needs, they often have to address practical matters, such as paying for care, selling a parent’s house and similar matters. On top of this, caregivers have additional responsibilities to balance, such as caring for children, performing housework and managing a career. Reiki is one tool that can help caregivers with the stress, burnout and other problems they tend to face.

Consequences of Caregiving

It is common for caregivers, especially family members, to neglect their own needs and health in favor of focusing on the loved one’s needs. If they do focus on themselves, they may feel guilty. Some signs of personal neglect include 55 percent skipping their own doctor’s appointments, 58 percent having their exercise habits decline after starting to caregive and 63 percent reporting a poor diet, according to the National Alliance for Caregiving and Evercare.